Christmas to Me

We finally put up our Christmas decorations! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday; it ends the year with love, joy, generosity, peace and unity. Christmas is all about coming together, it’s about being a community. I love that part of Christmas the most. (Well, I also love the desserts) 🙂 As we go into this season, I challenge you to become more community orientated. Not only because you hope that good karma will come back to you, but because you will find that becoming more community orientated will change your life and change your corner of the world for the better. I challenge you to make friends with someone completely different from you. Enjoy the beautiful diversity this world has to offer, the diverse races, religions, and views. I challenge you to give, not just materially. Give grace. Give hope. Give compassion. Give love. I know we’ve just come out of a pretty sucky 2 years, let’s make the next 2 better…way better. Spread the way of life that you want. Spread joy, community, caring, active listening, empathy, advocating. And for pity’s sake, spread love! We all need it and want it. It starts with you.

Yours Truly,


Your Friend Lydia

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